How it Works

The process and steps of the application

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By Registering the website you will able to start your operation


To become a part of Amersfoot Dairy Farm, simply invest a minimum of R500 through our user-friendly platform. Our investment process is seamless, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Cow Acquisition

Once we reach our funding targets, we will strategically purchase a well-maintained herd of dairy cows, chosen to optimize milk production and genetic potential. Our dedication to high-quality investments ensures that your funds are utilized efficiently.

Operations and Care

Our team of experienced professionals will oversee the day-to-day operations of the dairy farm, ensuring the well-being and proper care of our cows. This includes nutrition, veterinary care, and overall farm management to guarantee optimal milk production.

Milk and Profit Generation

As our herd produces milk, we will focus on efficient milk collection and processing. Using modern technologies, we will package and distribute our premium milk products to local markets, generating substantial profits for our investors.

Returns and Investor Benefits

At Amersfoot Dairy Farm, we understand the importance of regularly sharing the fruits of our collective efforts. We provide monthly returns on your investment, giving you the opportunity to witness the growth of your capital firsthand. Additionally, we organize exclusive events and educational programs for our investors to foster a sense of community and appreciation.

You may join our family of over a thousand members with complete confidence.